Life Pro Fit-Food Pearls Flavor Milk Chocolate

Life Pro Fit-Food Pearls Flavor Milk Chocolate


Life Pro Food Pearls Apple Pie is a calorie-free flavoring that has been designed in order to provide, with only 2 drops, a delicious milk chocolate flavor to all your recipes, dishes, or drinks.

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Now it is possible to enjoy your favorite flavors without adding calories to your dishes. Food Pearls does not contain sugar, fats, carbohydrates.

Food Pearls is a flavoring based on sucralose, one of the safest and most natural sweeteners for human consumption.

It is easy and convenient to use. It has a pipette to dispense the exact number of drops you want. Only 2 drops are needed to get an amazing e intense flavor of traditional milk chocolate.

Following a diet or eating plan has never been so easy.

Each container of Food Pearls contains 50 ml of flavoring.


  • It does not provide calories. It is perfectly compatible with fat loss or body recomposition diets.
  • There is one wide range of flavors from which to choose. Don't give up on your favourites.
  • Its flavor is intense. You will not need large quantities to achieve this.
  • It has been made based on sucralose. Does not contain any other sweeteners.
  • Thanks to the pipette-shaped dispenser, you can take it with you everywhere It's convenient to use.


Food Pearls It has been sweetened only with Stevia.

Stevia is a sweetener that does not provide calories and is obtained from sucrose. It has the ability to sweeten between 500 and 600 times more than conventional sugar.

Does not alter glucose or insulin. It is one of the safest sweeteners for human consumption. It is suitable for diabetics and one of the most used in the world of fitness.

How to use

Add by pressing the pipettetwo drops of Food Pearls.

You can combine it with: protein shakes, carbohydrates, or any supplement such as creatine, BCAAs with a neutral flavor to get your favorite. It is also suitable for recipes. Add the drops in the dough or prepared.

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