Life Pro Fit Food Protein Cream Speculoos Dark Chocolate 250g

Life Pro Fit Food Protein Cream Speculoos Dark Chocolate 250g


speculoos cream & chocolate cream with no added sugar with 18% quality protein. Try it right now!

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What is Life Pro Speculoos Protein Cream?

Speculoos Protein Cream is a delicious high-protein hazelnut cream flavored with dark chocolate and caramelized biscuits, ideal to accompany your favorite recipes, dishes, or desserts.

This cream stands out for its high protein content, the most important macronutrient for all those who do physical activity and sports, ideal for enjoying the sweetest flavors while taking care of your diet.

Unlike other hazelnut creams. Speculoos Protein Cream It stands out for being a high-protein cream: it provides 18 grams of protein. comes from a source of protein Whey Protein Concentrate 80.high quality.

It has a delicious dark chocolate flavor along with caramelized biscuit. Enjoy your favorite flavor with this delicious dark chocolate and biscuit cream, with a high protein content.

It is ideal for all those who wish to enjoy a spreadable cream in your sweet recipes. It is the healthy option, ideal for your breakfasts, snacks or desserts, alone, or together with your favorite recipes: pancakes, crepes, fit waffles, or toast.

Life Pro hazelnut cream is ideal for all those who want to take care of their diet and enjoy a sweet taste of dark chocolate and cookies.

The benefits of Life Pro Speculoos Protein Cream

  • It is a hazelnut cream with a high content of high quality protein. The source of protein they contain is based on protein concentrated, of high biological value.
  • Every 100 grams of hazelnut cream, contains 18 grams of protein.
  • Protein is the nutrient responsible for gaining muscle mass, maintaining tissue and repairing it after training.
  • The protein source they contain is WCP 80.
  • Hazelnuts are a source of healthy fats and an excellent source of energy for the body. They contain vegetable fiber, vitamins and mineral salts.
  • Does not contain palm oil or added sugars.
  • It has a delicious caramelized cookie flavor because 50% of its composition is real caramelized cookie.
  • New combination of caramelized biscuit with dark chocolate 'Dark Chocolate', ideal for sweet lovers.

Who is Speculoos Protein Cream recommended for?

It is recommended and can be suitable for numerous purposes:

  • People who have the objective of gaining muscle mass since its high protein content contributes to protein synthesis. In addition, nuts are an excellent source of energy.
  • Anyone who wants to take care of their diet but still enjoy a healthy treat thanks to the delicious and characteristic flavor of caramelized biscuits and chocolate.
  • People who have the goal of losing fat or who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as it is the ideal alternative without sugar.

How to use

Use the cream as an accompaniment in your favorite recipes, as a topping or syrup, include it in the preparation of doughs or preparations for pancakes, biscuits, shakes, etc., in all those who want to enjoy its delicious and unique flavor of speculoos.

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