Life Pro Omega 3 Pro Ifos tg36/24 90 Softgel

Life Pro Omega 3 Pro Ifos tg36/24 90 Softgel


Composed of fish oil with Omega 3 fatty acids of the EPA and DHA type in the form of triglycerides (its most bioavailable form, better than ethyl ester) and with the seal of maximum quality "IFOS".

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omega 3 fatty acids they are essential fatty acids, this means that they must be acquired through the diet since the body is not capable of synthesizing them by itself, which means that their main source of obtaining them is nutritional. In turn, this family of fatty acids is composed of ALA as the parent from which the others, EPA and DHA, are obtained.

What is it for?

Nevertheless, the conversion of this fatty acid known as ALA to EPA and DHA is very limited, especially in modern omnivorous diets, what implies the need for its consumption with the diet or in many cases as a supplement.

Currently, dietary recommendations are not listened to by the majority of the population, choosing foods with low quality and unhealthy fats and establishing a very poor omega 3:omega 6 ratio, so that the amount of omega 3 is not consistent for optimal health.

Omega 3 fatty acids have very important biological functions since they help to form tissues such as the retina or nervous tissue, they help control inflammation, regulate triglycerides and other metabolic parameters, so that inadequate consumption can be detrimental to health.

The omega 3 supplements, normally come from fish oil, since oily fish are a good source of this fatty acid in sufficient quantity and quality.

However, we commonly find omega 3 fatty acids on the market that do not meet the highest quality criteria, since these are presented in their ethyl-ester form, however, although this form is stable, it has a lower bioavailability than in the form of triglycerides, so the amount of these acids that is absorbed is less and therefore, its benefits at the same dose are less due to poorer digestion.

In turn, despite finding a product in its most natural form, which is that of triglycerides, it is important that this product is not oxidized, since this would mean a product that is less assimilable and with negative consequences for health. In this sense, a meticulous choice of raw material together with the cutting-edge IFOS certificate, assures us of a highly bioavailable omega 3 of the highest quality that has been subjected to strict tests and that certify it as having maximum bioavailability and free of negative oxidized compounds for health.

For all this, within the current criteria that guarantee the quality of a good omega 3, Omega 3 can be placed at the top of the range, fulfilling the highest standards of nutritional quality and technology that current scientific evidence places us.


  • Help against bookmarks cardiovascular risk.
  • Effective in controlling oxidative damage.
  • Essential in many human tissues.
  • Helps against some chronic diseases of inflammatory origin.
  • Possible help against ophthalmological and neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Muscle damage control exercise induced.
  • Complete the lack of omega 3 in the western diet.


If you are receiving medication of any kind, check with your doctor before using this supplement.

What dose should I consume?

Consumption of 1 pill daily (1 g of fish oil with 360 mg of EPA and 240 of DHA).It is important to consume in a refrigerated space and without direct sunlight on the product.

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