Life Pro Pure Waxy! 2kg Neutral

Life Pro Pure Waxy! 2kg Neutral


LIFE PRO PURE WAXY NEUTRAL is a food supplement based on corn starch (amylopectin), a fast assimilation carbohydrate responsible for providing energy in all your physical training.

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What is Life Pro Pure Waxy?

Amylopectin or also known as waxymaize, is a waxy corn starch characterized by having a high molecular weight and a low glycemic index.

What is Life Pro Pure Waxy used for?

Amylopectin digests quickly but slowly releases blood glucose, which means that you have an energy supply during physical activity and thus take advantage of physical performance.

Life Pro Pure Waxy It is one of the best carbohydrates with a high molecular weight that will accompany you in all long-term efforts. It is the ideal carbohydrate for all types of athletes who need help from endurance and strength.

Life Pro Pure Waxy can be used before training to increase glycogen load and get a better pumping in training, in the event that it is used during physical activity, it would give you constant energy since it keeps the glucose level high, and using it afterwards would recover all the glycogen deposits used up.


  • fast absorbing carbohydrate
  • Rapid glycogen replenishment
  • Does not contain sugars
  • obtaining energy
  • Essential for endurance and strength training

How to drink?

Dissolve 75gr(two measurements) before, during and after training, depending on your goals.

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