Mr. Poppers Stevia 500g

Mr. Poppers Stevia 500g


enjoy this sweetener natural without calories or sugars thanks to the new formula of SteviaMr Poppers, Of the brand Amix

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What is Stevia Mr. Poppers from Amix?

It is a natural sweetener based on Stevia, with absolutely no calories or sugar of any kind, being the perfect option to sweeten your products to the best flavor.

In addition, thanks to the improved formula of Amix, this product does not leave any sweetener aftertaste.

Use a small amount of product and give a delicious flavor to your drinks or desserts, enjoying your diet without any harm or negative consequence.

Benefits of Stevia Mr. Poppers from Amix

  • Delicious concentrated sweetener flavor.
  • Combinable with a large amount of food.
  • It does not contain even a calorie.
  • It does not have added sugars.
  • Does not contain fat.
  • Does not contain gluten.
  • 100% natural ingredient.

How to use it:

Add a small amount to taste, taking into account its great sweetening power.

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