Nebbia Hardcore Regtop 316

Nebbia Hardcore Regtop 316


Hardcore Regtop 316 is a sleeveless and hooded sweatshirt, designed in gray or black.

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What is Nebbia Hardcore Regtop 316?

Hardcore Regtop 316 It is a comfortable sweatshirt made of cotton that will accompany you to your training sessions and on a daily basis. It has a hood and adjustable drawstrings.

On the front, it has the serigraph "Back To The Hardcore Roots". On the back, with the word “Bodybuilding”.


  • The material used is 100% cotton.
  • It has a very soft touch.
  • It has two pockets on the front.
  • Their design: in white or black, it has the Nebbia logo on the front.
  • Close the zipper.
  • With hoodie.
  • Sleeveless.

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