Nebbia Hardcore T-Shirt 391

Nebbia Hardcore T-Shirt 391


Nebbia Hardcore T Shirt 391, is a t-shirt available in 3 different colors, ideal for the gym or day to day.

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What is Nebbia Hardcore T-shirt 391?

Nebbia Hardcore T Shirt 391, is a magnificent garment, ideal for training, breathable, comfortable and resistant to countless washes.

It is essential to wear appropriate clothing, which provides comfort, are breathable and do not restrict movement.

T-shirt Nebbia Hardcore T Shirt 391, allows full mobility. Its fabric, made with the 100% cottonIt is breathable, light and does not cause chafing or itching.

Available in 4 sizes: M, L. XL, XXL.


  • Their design: on a black base, we find in white letters “back to the hard core roots” and the Nebbia logo.
  • allows a full range of motion and as a result, it's very comfortable to take with you to workouts.
  • The material used is 100% cotton, an ultralight material, long lasting and that does not cause chafing.
  • Round neck.
  • Available in black, white and green.
  • It resists a large number of washes without stretching, without losing its shape, and without erasing its serigraphy.

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