Nebbia Hotpants 225

Nebbia Hotpants 225


hotpants 225 They are ultra short pants, in 4 colors fitted at the hip with an elastic band.

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What is Hotpants 225?

They have been made with polyamide, an ultra-resistant and comfortable material. hotpants 225 It is a garment, very comfortable. It allows you to train comfortably, without discomfort such as itching or chafing.

You can choose between 4 colors your favorites. It is essential to wear clothes that allow optimal performance during training and do not limit mobility.


  • They have been made in a 80% polyamide. It is a type of synthetic fiber, very elastic, long-lasting and does not wrinkle. The remaining 20% ​​is elastane, which provides elasticity to the fabric.
  • band in the rubber waist for greater support and adaptation to the silhouette.
  • The cut is low rise.
  • His design: It has been designed in 4 different colors, red, green, gray and blue. In the upper part, they have a fitted hip strap in black, with the Nebbia logo.

Comfortable to wear. They do not limit mobility

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