Nebbia Singlet Aw 123

Nebbia Singlet Aw 123


The T-shirt Singlet Aw T Shirt 123 It is a t-shirt with a slim fit, soft and designed to enhance the different muscles of the upper body.

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What is the AW 123 Singlet Shirt?

T-shirt singletAW T Shirt 123, it has been made with a slim fit, it is breathable, soft and has a great fit. The material used is 88% polyester and 12% elastane. Polyester is a breathable and ultralight material, highly durable and resistant to stains. Elastane provides elasticity to the fabric.

Thanks to its elastic and soft fabric, it molds perfectly to your body with each movement. The shirt is multifunctional, ideal for both the gym and everyday use. It can be used to practice any sport comfortably.

His design:

It has been used cut is Slim fit: It fits the body, without being a baggy garment. The sleeves have been designed to highlight the biceps and triceps. The shape of the neck is round. Its design: in black, it has the Nebbia logo in white on the front. His touch is very soft.

In addition, it does not cause chafing or itching on the skin. Provides convenience and comfort. Allows full range of motion.

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