Nutrimarket Bio Maca Tricolor Eco 500 G

Nutrimarket Bio Maca Tricolor Eco 500 G


NutriMarket Bio Maca Tricolor is a combination of different varieties of Andean maca, with energetic properties and benefits for fertility and sexual appetite.

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NutriMarket Bio offers, in its catalog, different varieties of Andean maca, specifically, red, black and yellow. In addition to that, for lovers of the properties of this Peruvian plant, there is NutriMarket Bio Maca Tricolor, a combination of the three types mentioned above.

The main benefits of this product have to do with the Energyboth physically and sexually. On the one hand, it increases endurance during sports activity, delaying and reducing the appearance of tiredness and fatigue.

On the other hand, NutriMarket Bio Maca Tricolor improves sexual appetite, in addition to increasing fertility. In men it increases the number of sperm, while in women it increases the quality of the ovaries.

Some of the varieties of Andean maca present in the tricolor maca have properties that regulate certain hormones, so that NutriMarket Bio Maca Tricolor can also be useful in this regard.

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