Nutrimarket Clear Isolate Unflavoured 800g

Nutrimarket Clear Isolate Unflavoured 800g


Nutrimarket Clear Isolate Unflavoured 800g is an isolated whey protein supplement with a light and refreshing texture. Neutral taste. No sweeteners.

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What is Nutrimarket Clear Isolate?

In order to offer a supplement that is light to take and refreshing, Nutrimarket has included in its line of proteins, Nutrimarket Clear Isolate. This is the new way of taking protein: it does not need to be mixed with milk or a vegetable drink. It is a protein designed to be combined with water and obtain a milkshake with a very light and versatile texture.

Protein is essential in the diet of all people: that they include physical activity in their day to day life and that they want to take care of their diet. Nutrimarket Clear Isolate Unflavoured provides an incredible source of this macronutrient: it has 85% protein. I have been using Lacprodan Clearshake whey protein isolate. It is a patented formula, of high quality and purity, without sugars or fats.

Nutrimarket Clear Isolate Unflavoured is rapidly absorbed and digested in the body. Does not generate heaviness or upset stomach.

What are the properties of Nutrimarket Clear Isolate?

Lacprodan Clearshake Whey Protein Isolate:

As a source of protein, the patented formula for Lacprodan Clear shake has been used. Coming from whey, a source of animal origin. It has all 9 essential amino acids.

Neutral taste.

Nutrimarket Clear Isolate Unflavoured does not contain any sweetener. Its flavor is neutral.

Who is Nutrimarket Clear Isolate Recommended for?

It is indicated for all those who are looking for a protein powder supplement of the highest quality and purity that helps to meet daily protein requirements.

Nutrimarket Clear Isolate Unflavoured is a protein supplement that stands out for its versatility, innovative texture and how refreshing it is. It is an ideal alternative to conventional protein shakes, providing similar benefits, but with an improved texture.

It is ideal for athletes or physically active people, who have physical exhaustion or who do not reach the necessary amounts of this macronutrient.


Quality of its ingredients:

Nutrimarket Clear Isolate Unflavoured 800g It has a protein concentration of 85%. It is a protein of great purity, with a low proportion of carbohydrates and fats, which has been obtained from a patented formula Lacprodan Clear shake.

The main benefit of protein isolate is the degree of purity they offer compared to other types of protein. In addition, it provides all the essential amino acids required by the body.


Its light texture makes it easier and simpler to drink, since it generates less heaviness than a conventional protein shake. In addition, its neutral flavor allows it to be combined with different flavorings or mixed with supplements that already have flavor.

Muscle mass gain:

Protein is necessary for the maintenance and construction of muscle mass. Promotes protein synthesis and contributes to muscle mass gain.

Improved performance and recovery:

It helps to optimize the muscle recovery process after finishing the physical activity in which the fibers have been damaged. The protein and its amino acids are responsible for repairing them.

How to use

Dissolve 25 g (1 scoop at the 70 ml mark) in cold water (300 ml – 350 ml). Shake vigorously and wait 15 seconds for the foam to go down. If any lumps remain, shake again.

It can be taken before training, to nourish the muscles, after, to promote recovery or throughout the day to meet the requirements.

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