Nutrimarket Collapsible Bottle

Nutrimarket Collapsible Bottle


NutriMarket Collapsible Bottle is an innovative type of bottle that, when empty, can be folded to take up minimal space. In this way, you can always carry it with you in case you ever need it.

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NutriMarket Collapsible Bottle

The characteristics of the NutriMarket Collapsible Bottle make it an ideal item for any athlete. This is so because it allows you to always carry a bottle that, at any time, can be unfolded and filled with water toensure proper hydration during the training.

There are occasions in which an athlete has to look for a while after working to be able to carry out their physical activity, and in those cases it can be very uncomfortable carry a bottle filled with water, isotonic drink or any other hydrating option throughout the day. Count on NutriMarket Collapsible Bottle makes it possible for you to carry the bottle folded, without taking up hardly any space, and fill it only when you go to train.

NutriMarket Collapsible Bottle It has a very attractive design, andn red color and with the NutriMarket logo. In addition, although it is very light and manageable, its closure is very safe and prevents the liquid from leaking out.

NutriMarket Collapsible Bottle Benefits

  • It can be folded so as not to take up much space.
  • Always carry a bottle with you.
  • Ensures hydration during exercise.
  • Attractive design. Red and with the NutriMarket logo.
  • Secure closure.

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