Nutrimarket Fructose 2kg

Nutrimarket Fructose 2kg


The fructose It is a simple carbohydrate, a monosaccharide structurally very similar to glucose, with the characteristic that it has a glycemic index 10 times lower, and therefore the stimulation of insulin is minimal.

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What is fructose?

The fructose It is the main sugar found naturally in different fruits, and in honey. TheirIts main function is to replenish and replenish liver glycogen.

consumption of fructose Along with other carbohydrates, it improves the rate of glucose oxidation, in addition to providing energy with a lower glycemic index, it contributes to supplying energy more gradually. In addition, it has a greater sweetening power than white table sugar, specifically 7% more.

Carbohydrate intake during prolonged exercise helps combat fatigue and helps recover muscle and liver glycogen stores when ingested post-workout.

What are the benefits of consuming fructose?

  • It is a very useful carbohydrate for consumption posttraining, to ensure that the liver glycogen reserves that we can deplete when we do physical exercise are replenished
  • It does not raise blood glucose significantly, since fructose has a different absorption mechanism than traditional glucose, and it goes directly to the liver.
  • Have a low glycemic index: It is a sweetener with a low glycemic index, so it produces a lower insulin release than the same amount of glucose.
  • Energy source before, during and after training. It helps to delay fatigue and when consumed at the end of exercise, it helps to recover muscle and liver glycogen deposits.
  • Hepatic glycogen recovery is 2 times higher when ingesting fructose-glucose when compared to glucose alone.

When to consume fructose?

Before doing a workout: to make sure we have full glycogen stores.

At the end of the training: to ensure optimum recovery.

In high intensity endurance sports: to optimize post-exercise glycogen recovery, the intake of 1.0-1.2 g/kg/h of glucose-fructose is recommended, in the first hours (approx. 4 h) after the end of the activity.

How to take fructose?

Add the desired amount of fructose, depending on your nutritional requirements to your shakes, meals, juices, recipes such as desserts, pancakes, biscuits, as well as coffees, infusions, etc.

WARNINGS: Product for use in adults. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease. Keep out of the reach of little kids. Not suitable for pregnant women.

ALLERGEN INFORMATION: Manufactured in a facility that processes milk, soy, egg, fish, and gluten proteins.

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