Nutrimarket Glutamine Kiowa 200g

Nutrimarket Glutamine Kiowa 200g


Nutrimarket Glutamine Kiowa It is a supplement that uses the famous Kyowa patented formula, which ensures a maximum quality glutamine. This amino acid is vital in protein synthesis, making it a perfect product to improve muscle performance.

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Composition of Nutrimarket Glutamine Kiowa

This product is composed of glutamine with the patented formula kyouwa.

What is it for?

The glutamine It's one of the most important amino acids in terms of protein synthesis, that is, it has vital relevance when it comes to increasing the level of proteins that our body is capable of creating. A) Yes, Nutrimarket Glutamine Kiowa becomes a supplement with optimal benefits to improve the muscle performance.

Nutrimarket Glutamine Kiowa provides glutamine with the well-known formula kyouwa, which ensures very high quality standards. This product is perfect for athletes who perform hard and intense physical efforts, since this compound acts by increasing the body's ability to regenerate and repair muscle fibers who have received the impact of sports activity.

On the other hand, supplementing your diet with Nutrimarket Glutamine Kiowa can help stop catabolism, process by which the body metabolizes (eliminates) muscle tissues to convert them into energy. Being able to avoid it is a very valuable quality in disciplines such as bodybuilding, in which it is essential not lose any muscle volume.

In short, this supplement of Nutrimarket he is able to improve recovery plus, protect muscle tissues against the deterioration that catabolism can cause.

Benefits of Nutrimarket Glutamine Kiowa

  • Glutamine Kyowa of the highest quality.
  • Increases the body's protein synthesis capacity.
  • Improves recovery.
  • Protects muscles against catabolism.

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