Nutrimarket New Aminopower lemon1 Kg

Nutrimarket New Aminopower lemon1 Kg


Nutrimarket New Aminopower Lemon 1kg It is a perfect mix of essential amino acids BCAA's with high quality Kyowa L-Glutamine. Improve your anabolic system, achieve greater muscle growth and improve your recovery after physical exertion.

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What is Nutrimarket AMINOPOWER LEMON 1KG? 

Nutrimarket AMINOPOWER 1KG is a nutritional complex based on BCAA's (branched chain amino acids: leucine, valine and isoleucine) together with L-Glutamine, the most present amino acid in the human body. The synergy of these 2 supplements causes the body to enter an anabolic state, in which facilitatethe creation and increase of muscle mass and recovery.

Nutrimarket AMINOPOWER 1KG uses BCAA's of maximum purity and first level Kyowa glutamine, the best quality at your fingertips.

With AMINOPOWER of Nutrimarket You will achieve an increase in muscle mass, a delay in the onset of fatigue, a rapid and complete recovery and improvements in your body: you will avoid muscle or joint injuries and recover better if you have them. In addition, glutamine is highly recommended in vegetarian or low-calorie diets, since the lack of some foods, especially meat, can cause us to have a large deficit of this nutrient.

The BCAA's They help create new muscle cells and prevent the disappearance of existing ones. Glutamine acts in symbiosis with BCAA's, replenishing glycogen stores within muscle and liver cells, where the largest reserves are found. Glutamine allows the recovery of spent glycogen during physical activity, be it training, competition, etc… Especially if it is constant, since a good workout will leave you feeling empty.When the glycogen reserves of the muscles are emptied, fatigue and tiredness appear, that is when the feeling of being exhausted and without strength begins to appear. The L-Glutamine it will replenish your reserves so that blood sugar levels do not rise, that is, there are no spikes in insulin levels, avoiding gaining weight and other unwanted effects of recovery with sugars or other carbohydrates. Finally, we must highlight the important role of immune system enhancement of the organism, since the amino acids are used by it to strengthen itself and avoid infections, colds, etc…

What properties does Nutrimarket AMINOPOWER LEMON 1KG have?

✔ Improves protein synthesis and prevents the body's catabolic processes, facilitating anabolic states in which muscle growth and recovery are favored.
✔ Stabilizes blood sugar levels.
✔ Offers you a quick and perfect recovery after physical work.

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