Nutrimarket New Micellar Casein 1 Kg.

Nutrimarket New Micellar Casein 1 Kg.


Nutrimarket Micellar Casein 1kg It contains high-quality, slow-release protein to achieve prolonged nutrition for your muscles while facilitating an anabolic state of the body and satisfying hunger. Micellar Casein G is the perfect protein for prolonged periods without eating.

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What properties does Nutrimarket Micellar Casein 1kg have?

✔ Helps increase the release of growth hormone.
✔ Slows muscle degeneration.
✔ Improves glycogen storage, thus freeing up glucose for energy needs.
✔ It is a useful amino acid to repair damaged tissues, helping its healing.

What is Nutrimarket Micellar Casein 1kg?

Nutrimarket CASEIN MICELLAR 1KG It is a premium quality protein that is widely used by athletes who want increase your muscle mass.
It is the predominant protein in milk, with almost 80% of the total protein it contains.

Why Nutrimarket Micellar Casein 1kg?

The micellar casein contains the highest percentage of bioactive peptides of all proteins and has a low in fat and lactose.

This type of protein are digested very slowly in the stomach and the release of its amino acids can last more than 7 hours, since clots are made with the stomach acid that make it digest more slowly. Thus, It is ideal especially for the night or when you are not going to eat for a long period of time, as it delays the onset of hunger. On the other hand, it gradually releases proteins in our body, nourishing the muscle for much longer and favoring a anti-catabolic state.

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