Nutrimarket Xanthan 300g

Nutrimarket Xanthan 300g


The Xathan gum It is a vegetable-based thickener, ideal for adding to your recipe preparations to increase volume and achieve a creamier texture.

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What is Xatana gum?

Xatana is an ally to improve the texture of your recipes and add extra volume. It is obtained from the fermentation of corn. It is an ingredient used very commonly in confectionery and bakery.

To increase volume and achieve a creamier texture, you only need to add a small amount to obtain its multiple benefits. Increase the satiety index and improves intestinal transit.

Each unit contains 300 grams of Xatana.

What are its properties?

Source of fiber and improvement of intestinal transit.

It is an ally to avoid constipation since the xatana is a source of soluble fiber.

Increase volume and texture in recipes.

To increase the volume of certain preparations or achieve a better texture in mousses, meringues, cakes, etc. When combined with water or another liquid, it acts as a thickener and texturizer.

Properties as a thickener.

Increases the volume of recipes and increases the satiety power of the food with which it has been combined. It can be used in both hot and cold recipes. The result in the texture will be the same.

Properties in relation to glucose.

It has the ability to slow down the rate of absorption of blood sugar.

Of vegetable origin.

It is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It is obtained from the fermentation of corn starch. It is also suitable for celiacs.

How to use Xatana?

It is ideal to include in mousse recipes, along with protein for dessert, ice cream or milkshakes, meringues, etc. as well as to thicken homemade sauces, and breads.

It is recommended to try different amounts until the desired thickness or texture is achieved. A very small amount (1-2 grams) is required to achieve thickening.

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