Premium Diet Hamburger Pack 10 Trays

Premium Diet Hamburger Pack 10 Trays


Diet Premium hamburgers is a pack made with 100% natural chicken breast hamburgers in different flavors and with a high protein content.

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What are Premium Diet Burgers?

Chicken meat is a source of high-quality protein together with its own vitamins and minerals: it is a source of high biological value: it provides all the essential amino acids. In order not to fall into a routine, Diet Premium has designed different innovative flavors so that, while maintaining the nutritional values ​​of chicken, you can enjoy other flavours.

Its elaboration is carried out in an artisanal way selected chicken breast. They have been achieved through natural spices and seasonings along with salt. Each tray contains 5 burgers.

Diet Premium are ideal for all types of diets and for all people who want to improve their diet, as well as have variants when consuming different types of meat, and not fall into monotony.

What do you find in this pack of Diet Premium hamburgers?

This pack consists of 5 hamburgers made with fresh chicken meat, along with the corresponding spices and salt, depending on the chosen flavor. You can choose the flavor of each tray.

The available flavors are: chicken, chicken curry, barbecue chicken, chicken with chorizo, chicken with spinach, chicken with pineapple, chicken kebab and chicken cheese.

What are the benefits and properties of Diet Premium hamburgers?

High percentage of meat:

The meat used to make the Diet Premium hamburgers is 98% chicken of the total hamburger. They have been made with quality raw material. To achieve the different flavors, different spices and natural condiments have been used.

protein source

Chicken is a great source of protein. Protein is the most important macronutrient for physically active people and athletes.It favors the recovery of muscle fibers and is necessary for the maintenance and gain of muscle mass.

Each burger provides approximately 21 grams of protein.

Low caloric intake:

They are suitable for each type of diet, both for muscle mass gain and for fat loss. Each burger provides less than 120 kcal.

Low fat content.

Its fat content is very low. Contains less than 1.5 grams. The meats used have been defatted.

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