Trend Pink Sports Girdle

Trend Pink Sports Girdle


TREND PINK SPORTS GIRDLE. Special girdle to use in the gym and avoid injuries such as herniated discs, muscle tears, back problems and low back pain. TREND SPORTS GIRDLE helps you improve some training exercises.

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TREND PINK SPORTS GIRDLE It is an essential complement for work in the gym and in some areas of life. It protects us from back problems, especially from the lower back, such as low back pain and other injuries that can be caused by the physical work of some sudden movements such as weight lifting.

TREND PINK SPORTS GIRDLE It is perfect for work with forces and weights that exceed a normal training level so that we protect the lower back while shaping the waist.

The TREND SPORTS GIRDLE It is made with well-coated inner rods to avoid discomfort or problems of damage or friction. The fabric is elastic and mesh type to favor ventilation, prevent sweating and ensure optimal elasticity.

Presentation of TREND SPORTS GIRDLE:

TREND PINK SPORTS GIRDLE available in several sizes.

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