Vikika Gold Omega 3 30 Caps 42g

Vikika Gold Omega 3 30 Caps 42g


Omega 3 is an exceptional and healthy supplement that provides us with essential fatty acids Omega 3, which are of great importance for our health.

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Alpha-Linolenic acid (main fatty acid of Omega 3) It is an essential polyunsaturated fatty acid, which means that it cannot be manufactured by our own body, so it needs to be provided through an adequate diet (mainly oily fish) or through supplementation. From Alpha-Linolenic acid our body produces EPA and DHA.

With Omega 3 the contribution of these fatty acids is achieved so that your body benefits from its wide spectrum of properties and benefits such as: improving cardiovascular health or reducing inflammation.

recommended daily dose: 1 capsule.

How to useDirections: Take 1 capsule with 200 ml of water with any of the meals of the day.

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