226ers sub9 Energy Drink Single Serve 50g Watermelon

226ers sub9 Energy Drink Single Serve 50g Watermelon


226ERS brand single-dose energy drink, created specifically to take regularly from the beginning of the activity, as long as they are of extended duration, such as trail running training.

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Energy Drink Sub9 (Single dose) with taste of Watermelon It is special for when we require an extra supply of energy through carbohydrates in this way, such as slightly absorbed proteins and BCAA's. 8.1.1. In addition to giving sodium, which is the mineral that our body consumes the most throughout the habit of this kind of occupations of extended duration.


  • Amylopectin, an energy source that replenishes glycogen up to 70%.
  • Whey protein that optimizes performance in sports of extended duration.
  • BCAAs (8.1.1) + Tyrosine, we prevent the reduction of key neurotransmitters such as dopamine.
  • Taurine + L−Carnitine that stimulates the use of fat and maintains glycogen stores.


  • 500−800 ml between meals 2 days prior to extended distance contests.
  • During training: take every 40−60 minutes, precisely 500−800 ml/hour.

Sugarfree. Without gluten.

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