Amix Betabolix 90 Caps

Amix Betabolix 90 Caps


AMIX BETABOLIX 90 caps. of Amix Supplements will allow you to increase your muscle volume and increase your power in a natural and safe way.

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What is AMIX BETABOLIX 90 Caps used for?

AMIX BETABOLIX from AMIX SUPPLEMENTS It is the ideal supplement if you want to increase performance and power while increasing the volume of your muscle mass in a completely natural and safe way.

Benefits of Amix Betabolix 90 caps

BETABOLIX of AMIX Contains Creatine Ethyl Ester, which is an exceptionally soluble creatine that is rapidly absorbed and available by the body. It is also very stable, so it remains in the body without saturating it for longer. This makes it more than 30 times more powerful than other creatines.

BETABOLIX of AMIX contains Beta-Alanine which is an alpha amino acid, the only one with this structure. Its beneficial effects for the body are: the increase in Carnosine that decreases muscle fatigue when it is released by our body, making our muscles more resistant to effort and delaying fatigue and exhaustion.

BETABOLIX It has a plugging action that stops the action of lactic acid in the muscle, preventing soreness.

How to use

Recommended dose: 3 capsules

Take three capsules approximately 45 minutes before the training session or physical effort.

Presentation of Betabolix from Amix:Container of 90 Capsules.

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