Amix Calcium+Mg+Zinc 100 Tablets

Amix Calcium+Mg+Zinc 100 Tablets


AMIX CALCIUM-MAGNESIUM-ZINC 100 TABS. It is a mixture of these three minerals of great importance for the proper functioning of the human body.

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What is Calcium+MG+Zinc 100 Tablets from Amix?

Calcium+MG+Zinc 100 Tablets by Amix It is a formula based on these 3 essential minerals for the proper functioning of our body, especially in people who do sports and their needs are greater.

What components does Calcium+MG+Zinc 100 Tablets from Amix have?

The Calcium it is important for building strong bones and teeth. Regarding muscular action, it helps the release of hormones and enzymes.

The Magnesium is necessary for the manufacture of new cells vitamin B works by relaxing the muscles after training, the Zinc It plays a fundamental role in the formation of collagen.

Benefits Calcium+MG+Zinc 100 Tablets:

  • Supports optimal bone and dental health.
  • Maximum absorption formula.
  • Actively acts on muscle functions.
  • Powerful antioxidant.

How to use

take two tablets after food with plenty of water.

Presentation of Calcium+MG+Zinc 100 Tablets: container with 100 tablets.

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