Amix Isolyn Isotonic 800g

Amix Isolyn Isotonic 800g


AMIX ISOLYN ISOTONIC 800 G. is a powdered isotonic drink to recompose with water and recover all the minerals and salts that you lose during exercise.

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Iso-Lyn Isotonic from Amix Nutrition is an isotonic powder drink to reconstitute with water that provides all the minerals to stop their recovery after intense physical exertion.

AMIX ISOLYN ISOTONIC 800 G prevents ion dehydration caused by sweating during intense physical activity and thereby helps stabilize blood sugar level.

Benefits of Amix Iso-Lyn Isotonic:

  • Provides energy and improves performance during physical activity.
  • Recharges the body with ions (minerals) during sweating.
  • Helps the body regulate the level of sugar in the blood.
  • Easy to digest.
  • Nice taste.
  • Ideal for athletes who perform high intensity and long duration exercises.

How to use:

As an isotonic drink, take 1 tablespoon (40 g) of powder per 500 ml of water.
As a hypotonic drink, take 1 tablespoon (40 g) powder with 750 ml of water.

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