Amix Ketolean® Keto Mct Oil 3000mg 100caps

Amix Ketolean® Keto Mct Oil 3000mg 100caps


Keto MCT OIL is a food supplement that provides MCT or medium chain triglycerides, which has been designed for the ketogenic diet and ketosis.

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What is Keto MCT Oil?

The MCTs They are a type of triglyceride that provide energy quickly, without the use of carbohydrates or glucose. The MCTs is characteristic of coconut oil, the main source of this type of fat.

One of the main characteristics that distinguishes it from other types of triglycerides is that they are a quick source of energy and easier to digest than other types of fat.

Coconut oil helps increase our energy levels as it is made up of different types of fatty acids, mainly Saturated fats. Medium-chain MCTs release ketones, which are a source of energy when they reach the blood and are metabolized in the liver. It belongs to the line of supplements ketolean from Amix, specially designed for diet ketogenic

Each dose provides 3000mg of medium chain triglycerides.

Keto MCT Oil uses VCaps technology. Vcaps capsules are verified by the GMO Project, they do not contain gluten or preservatives. Vcaps are first generation vegetarian capsules that feature certifications such as KO and OU Kosher and Halal, as well as various certificates by the Vegetarian and Vegan Action Society.

The properties and benefits of Keto MCT Oil

  • Increases the production of Energy. It favors the production of ketones and their use as an energy source.
  • The MCTs it is one of the fastest sources of clean fuel and energy for the body and brain.
  • Increases the oxidation of fatty acids.
  • It has a satiating effect: it can benefit people who want to lose fat or perform intermittent fasting.
  • Helps reduce LDL or bad cholesterol levels
  • Helps prevent neurodegenerative diseases

How to use

It is recommended to take 5 capsules with 300 ml of water.

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