Amix L-Lysine 120 Caps

Amix L-Lysine 120 Caps


AMIX L-LYSINE 120 CAPS. Lysine has multiple properties, mainly the increase in the production of growth hormone.

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What is AMIX L-LYSINE 120 CAPS.?

 AMIX L-LYSINE 120 CAPS. contains lysine which is a essential amino acid and therefore we have to obtain it through food.

What is AMIX L-LYSINE used for?

Lysine has multiple properties, along with the amino acid arginine, it increases the growth hormone production.

Benefits of Amix L-LYSINE 120 CAPS

  • He is also actively involved in the building muscle mass, increases calcium absorption and actively helps in the production of hormones enzymes and antibodies.
  • lysine increases protein synthesis which, together with adequate training, translates into an increase in muscle mass.
  • L-lysine also has beneficial properties in the sports injury recovery.
  • In recent clinical studies, lysine has been shown to help prevent Y avoid the formation of atherosclerotic plaques which are responsible for different cardiovascular disorders.
  • Help to produce greater amount of collagen Y reinforces the immune system in a healthy and natural way.

How to use:

Take one capsule three times a day between meals. 

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