Amix Ph Active Regulator 120 Caps

Amix Ph Active Regulator 120 Caps


AMIX PH ACTIVE REGULATOR 120 CAPSULES. Helps maintain the balance of the body. With PH ACTIVE REGULATOR you will avoid acidosis caused by physical exertion, refined products, soft drinks, etc…

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AMIX PH ACTIVE REGULATOR 120 CAPSULES It is a product that helps balance the PH of our body to keep it at a neutral and balanced level around 7, which is the neutral or base pH (measured from 0 more acidic to 7 more alkaline).

The effort produces free radicals and metabolites in the body that cause the body's PH to become more acidic and lower than 7. Other products such as those from animals, alcohol, soft drinks and especially refined products such as buns and other sugary products are , especially, products that alter the PH of the organism.

What is Amix Ph Active Regulator for?

The PH imbalance causes our body to affect our health in a negative way. In addition, maintaining an acidic PH is counterproductive if our goal is to gain (or not lose) muscle mass, since it causes the concentration of glutamine in muscle stores to decrease. It also affects the production of growth hormone, at more acidic levels our body generates less hormone.

Acidosis is also involved in the formation of kidney stones and osteoporosis since calcium levels in the body are reduced.

AMIX PH ACTIVE REGULATOR 120 CAPSULES It is a product made with herbs and minerals that helps maintain balance in the body.

How to use

Daily dose 2 caps

Presentation of AMIX PH ACTIVE REGULATOR: container of 120 caps.

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