Amix Monster Beef 2kg +200g

Amix Monster Beef 2kg +200g


Monster Beef Protein AMIX is a high-quality protein based on enzymatic hydrolyzate of beef.

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What is Amix Monster BEEF 2kg + 200g?

Monster Beef Protein AMIX It is a high quality protein based on enzymatic hydrolyzate of beef. The protein extracted from beef has been shown through various clinical tests to have an anabolic power far superior to any other source of protein.

AMIX Beef Monster protein It is a protein with a very high aminogram in addition to containing practically no carbohydrates, fats or cholesterol. Beef Monster Protein It is a last generation protein manufactured with extremely advanced technology.

What does Amix monster BEEF 2kg + 200g contain?

Beef Monster protein contains Monster Nitro-comlex, a combination of citrulline malate, Beta-alalin and phosphomatrix that maximizes even more the results in terms of the remarkable increase in fat-free muscle mass. Beef Monster protein It is manufactured by hydrolysis which significantly shortens the absorption time or which guarantees a rapid and complete metabolism.


  • » Maximum and rapid absorption
  • » Excellent biological value
  • » Excellent taste and dissolution
  • » Very low in fat and carbohydrates

How to use

  • Mix 1-2 scoops of Amix™ BEEF Monster protein with 200-250 ml of water or skimmed milk, use a shaker for 30 seconds.
  • Use preferably before bed.
  • To change the flavor and sweetness of the drink, change the amount of water used for the preparation.

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