Amix Isoprime 1kg

Amix Isoprime 1kg


AMIX ISOPRIME 1kg from Amix Supplements is an isolated protein with 90% purity. AMIX ISOPRIME It is possibly the purest protein you can get. It combines amino acids and l-glutamine for a more powerful result. Contains Splendia, a natural sweetener.

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Components of AMIX ISOPRIME 1KG:

AMIX ISOPRIME 1kg. of Amix Supplements is a isolated protein with 90% purity achieved by ion exchange and cross flow procedures, obtaining a high quality pure whey isolate.

What is AMIX ISOPRIME CFM used for?

AMIX ISOPRIME will provide your muscles with growth and rapid post-workout recovery thanks to its great richness in amino acids and its very low fat index. It also contains DIGEZYME® digestive enzymes to provide us with maximum absorption.

AMIX ISOPRIME CFM contains a high amount of L-Glutamine, a very important amino acid in the recovery of muscle fibers after intense training.

as a sweetener AMIX ISOPRIME SPLENDA uses a natural sweetener that ensures an excellent taste, but does not provide us with any fat or added sugars.

Contains DIGEZYME® digestive enzymes to provide maximum absorption.

How to use:

  • the basic IsoPrime CFM dose is made up of 28 gr doses. (1 scoop) dissolved in 200 ml of water, skimmed milk or your favorite drink,
  • flavorsPairing: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, pina-colada, berries
  • Services per bottle of 1000 gr.: 35 dosages

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