Amix Pro Series Iso Hd 90 Cfm Protein 800 G

Amix Pro Series Iso Hd 90 Cfm Protein 800 G


Iso HD 90 CFM Protein is a protein supplement designed by Amix of the highest quality made from fast-absorbing whey protein isolate.

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What is Iso HD 90 CFM Protein?

It has been developed with the best patented raw materials on the market in order to offer quality and functional products, with which to meet the expectations and requirements for you to achieve your goals.

Iso HD 90 CFM Protein contains high levels of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's) and of the amino acid L-Glutamine which promotes rapid muscle recovery. It contains a very low percentage of fats and carbohydrates.

It is a pure and clean protein source guaranteeing the highest quality.

The properties of its composition

  • CFM: has been produced using the cross-flow microfiltration system. A natural, low-heat process produces high levels of undenatured protein and produces a product with excellent taste and optimal nutritional qualities, including all major whey proteins, as well as protein microfractions and bioactive peptides.
  • Contains high levels of L-Glutamine: It is the most abundant non-essential amino acid in the body. L-Glutamine plays a role in protein synthesis as a proteinogenic amino acid, supports the regeneration of muscle tissues, activates immune cells.
  • PepForm triple-matrix is a combination of PepForm BCAA 2:1:1, PepForm Leucine Peptides and PepForm Tryptophan Peptides in the ratio 1:1:1. EThese components are made using a proprietary process that combines free-form amino acids with peptides isolated from fresh sweet whey using advanced fractionation and separation technologies.
  • aminogen: obtained naturally from avegetable enzyme and it is ideal for all those who need to maintain their digestion, especially athletes who use a special diet.
  • LactoSpore: it's a probiotic versatile, providing beneficial bacteria that help maintain digestive health and support the immune system.

How to use

Mix 1 serving (30 g) with 200-300 ml of water or low-fat milk. Use a blender and drink it after the performance. The daily dose is 2-3 servings.

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