Amix Pro Series Micelle Night Amino 250 Tabs

Amix Pro Series Micelle Night Amino 250 Tabs


Amix Pro series Micelle Night Amino is a sports supplement designed to provide a large amount of amino acids to our muscles that come from the micellar casein and slow release.

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What is Amix Pro Series Micelle Night Amino 250 tabs?

It has been specially created to be taken before going to sleep and thus facilitate muscle recovery and development.

It is an advanced and patented formula that contains peptides restructured derivatives of micellar casein, obtained from milk protein isolate.

Micelle Night Amino its main function is to maintain muscle mass in times of fasting, ground providing gradual assimilation and release. has effect anti-catabolic

Contains 250 capsules. This format makes it quick and easy to pick up and carry.

What benefits does Amix Pro SeriesMicelle Night Amino provide?

  • Their aminogram it's ready. Provides all the essential amino acids.
  • Promotes optimal muscle recovery and development. Ideal for after workouts.
  • The amino acids come from micellar casein so its release is progressive and slow.
  • It is an ideal supplement for all those athletes who want to maximize their muscle development, promote recovery and avoid catabolism.

What dose to take?

For people with a body weight of up to 90 kg, take 6 tablets daily.

For people weighing over 90 kg take 6-12 tablets daily, preferably at bedtime.

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