Amix Psyllium Husk 1500 Mg 120 Caps.

Amix Psyllium Husk 1500 Mg 120 Caps.


AMIX PSYLLIUM HUSK 120 Caps. Psyllium is a plant that is used as a laxative and as a cholesterol regulator.

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AMIX PSYLLIUM HUSK It is a compound based on plantago ovata in which the seed and the outer shell of this plant are used. the psyllium It is used as a laxative and as a stool softener, it is also used to combat diarrhea, colitis vicerosa and dysentery.

AMIX PSYLLIUM HUSK It also lowers cholesterol in people with moderately high cholesterol. Taken regularly and in combination with a low-fat diet, it can lower cholesterol by 3% to 14%.

Psyllium absorbs fluid in the intestines, bulks up and forms bulkier stools making them easier to pass. Psyllium is one of the most widely used sources of fiber in the treatment of gastrointestinal problems, AMIX PSYLLIUM HUSK It is an excellent non-caloric source of soluble fibers (eight times better than oat bran) that helps maintain healthy and regular intestinal elimination and that contributes to normalizing blood sugar and cholesterol levels, while helping to normalize intestinal transit.


  • Excellent source of soluble fiber

  • Induces a feeling of satiety and reduces cravings

  • Helps keep the digestive system healthy

How to use

Take 1-2 capsules a day. Drink plenty of water throughout the day

Presentation of Amix Psylium husk: container with 120 capsules

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