Biocop Milflores Honey 950g

Biocop Milflores Honey 950g


Biocop Miel Milflores 950g is a perfect alternative for those who want to eliminate common white sugar from their diet. From organic farming and 100% natural, this honey does not contain additives and retains all its natural properties.

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Composition of Biocop Milflores Honey 950g

This product only contains milflores honey from organic farming.

What is it for?

The white sugar consumption It is one of the most serious problems of current food. diseases like obesity or diabetes are directly related to this ingredient, and more and more people are they reject it and look for alternatives to remove it from your day to day.

Many companies have realized this and offer solutions, although sometimes the presence of additives makes these nothing more than patches that do not fix the problem. In this sense, Biocop Milflores Honey 950g is one of those products that, at least, ensure a 100% natural composition.

honey is the sweetenerby excellence in our country, and the truth is that, if it is natural, it eliminates the problems derived from the sugar refining processes. Thus, biocop offers this option without any additive.

Biocop Milflores Honey 950g It is a variety of honey that differs from the rest in that it is composed of different flowers. Its flavor is very characteristic, and it combines perfectly with all kinds of sweet recipes, so it can be a ideal sugar substitute common.

Unfortunately, it's rare to see products like this whose list of ingredients is reduced to one: honey. Also, Biocop Milflores Honey 950g comes from organic farming, so it is a responsible and sustainable consumer item.

Benefits of Biocop Milflores Honey 950g

  • Organic milflores honey.
  • 100% natural product, without additives.
  • Ideal alternative to white sugar.
  • Delicious taste.
  • Ideal to sweeten any recipe.
  • Responsible consumption product.

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