Encore Fitness Booty Band x2 Black

Encore Fitness Booty Band x2 Black


Encore Fitness Booty Band Elastic Bands for tone up and add intensity to your workout.

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ENCORE FITNESS BOOTY BAND son elastic bands that will allow you to add intensity to your training without the need to use weights. Train your legs, glutes and hips intensely whenever and however you want, or use them to warm up!

Take them anywhere or use them to train at home, the Encore Booty Band is made of an ultra-resistant material that withstands the toughest workouts, and is very comfortable to transport and store.

Pack format

each pack includes two bands of different widths to work with two different levels of resistance. Unisex model.


One size.




¡Incorporate the Encore Fitness Booty Band elastic bands to any of the exercises you usually do to tone the whole body! We recommend you place the bands at the height of the knees to perform exercises such as squats, or above them to perform lateral lunges. Maximum intensity guaranteed!

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