Feeling Ok Start Choco Toast 4X50G

Feeling Ok Start Choco Toast 4X50G


Start Choco Toast They are high protein toast. covered with chocolate-flavored protein cream, ideal for your snacks, breakfasts or snacks.

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What is Start Choco Toast?

Start Choco Toast s and delicious toasts from Feeling Ok, which have a delicious chocolate flavor. They have been made with the best selection of ingredients, to offer you a rich snack with unbeatable nutritional values. To obtain their chocolate flavour, they have been covered with a delicious protein chocolate cream, made from hazelnuts and protein.

Start Choco Toast is the new way to enjoy healthy toast, covered in chocolate that will help you achieve your goals To achieve such optimal nutritional values, since, unlike traditional toast, they provide a large amount of protein, and are a source fiber, have combined the best selection of ingredients

have been combined two different sources of plant-based protein, which makes them suitable for vegans and vegetarians, with the aim of achieving their high protein content: rice protein and wheat protein.

Start Choco Toast belongs to the Start line: it has been created in order to boost your metabolism and reduce total carbohydrate intake.Start Choco Toast like all the products in it, it has a low glycemic load, as a result, the insulin spike that is generated is much lower.

What are the properties of Start Choco Toast?

Optimize Choco Toast It is the new way to enjoy the sweet taste of chocolate, in a healthy way and in the form of delicious toast, meeting your daily objectives and goals.

Conventional toasts are made from different types of flour, which are sources of carbohydrates.Choco Toast, on the other hand, has been made with a selection of ingredients in order to improve its nutritional composition.

A lower level of sugars results in better regulation of blood glucose levels and insulin sensitivity. The chocolate cream in which it has been dipped is made by combining hazelnuts and protein.

One of the features that Optimize Choco Toast stands out for is its protein content, since it provides 11 protein for each serving of toast. The protein source is complete thanks to the combination of various sources, which as a result provides a complete aminogram.

Another feature to highlight is that it provides more than 7 grams of fiber per serving. Thanks to the high fiber content, in combination with the proteins, it has a great satiating power. They are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. They do not contain added sugars.

How to take Start Choco Toast?

Start Choco Toast is ideal for breakfast, snack or snack. Thanks to its excellent composition, it is ideal for fat loss diets, keto or low carbohydrate diets. It helps maintain healthy habits while allowing you to enjoy sweets.

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