Life Pro Endurance Bottle 750ml

Life Pro Endurance Bottle 750ml


New bottle from the Endurance line, with a 750ml capacity that helps maintain hydration during and after training.

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What is Life Pro Endurance Bottle 750ml?

The new one Life Pro 750ml bottle belongs to the Endurance product line: the range of products specialized in endurance sports.

Your design in White color, its large capacity and durable materials have been specially designed to meet the most demanding needs and ensure that the athlete maintains a correct hydration, before during and after training. Its capacity is 750ml.

It has been specially designed for those athletes who especially practice endurance sports and are looking for a resistant bottle, easy to transport. It is easy to open and close, reducing losses or spills during training, thanks to its pressure cap.

The characteristics of Life Pro Endurance Bottle 750 ml:

  • Has a ability total of 750ml.
  • Its cap has a pressure closure system.
  • It features the Life Pro logo and the name of the Endurance line.

How to use Life Pro Endurance Bottle 750 ml?

To use this bottle from the Endurance line, you must open the main compartment by means of its thread and thus introduce the liquid or drink of your choice. It is comfortable, practical and easy to use. Resistant to the most demanding workouts.

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