Life Pro Endurance Bottle 500ml

Life Pro Endurance Bottle 500ml


Endurance Bottle It is a 500 ml bottle that belongs to the Endurance line, and is the ideal accessory to keep you hydrated during physical activity.

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What is Endurance Bottle 500ml?

Endurance Bottle It is the essential accessory to take with you to your workouts, and keep you hydrated during and after your workout, as well as throughout the day.

It is part of the Endurance product line by Life Pro: this line has been designed for athletes who mainly perform endurance sports.

Their gorgeous design, It has been created in black, both the compartment and the upper part, and it has the Life Pro logo in orange. It has a large capacity of 500 ml. Its closure is pressure, prevents any liquid spill or loss during training.

How to use Endurance Bottle 500 ml?

To use the Endurance bottle, you must open the main compartment and insert the liquid, drink or supplements in liquid format that you want.

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