Life Pro Endurance Hydra Pro 810g

Life Pro Endurance Hydra Pro 810g


A isotonic drink promotes hydration quickly reducing the adverse effects that dehydration can cause in sports practice.

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Dehydration is one of the factors that decreases sports performance during physical exercise, especially when the duration is prolonged., so proper hydration is essential for proper performance of any sport.

What really is an isotonic drink?

A isotonic drink must have a specific composition get a quick absorption of water and electrolytes in addition to favoring the contribution of rapidly absorbed carbohydrates.

An important parameter in this type of beverage is osmolarity., which determines that the drink passes quickly through the stomach and is rapidly absorbed in the small intestine. Drinks with a high osmolarity they make the passage through the stomach slower and can increase the risk of suffering from digestive problems at the same time that by taking longer to reach the small intestine, its absorption is slower.

To understand it easily, osmolarity refers to the number of molecules diluted in a given liquid, in this case, the carbohydrates and electrolytes present in the drink.

In addition to osmolarity, another important factor that an isotonic drink must meet is the concentration of sodium, since During sports practice, there is a loss of sodium through sweat that can be significant, especially if the duration of the exercise is prolonged.. In addition to sodium, we must not forget potassium, which in long-term exercises can also end up losing a significant amount.

Finally, The pH of this type of drink is not a factor that affects sports performance, but it can end up having negative consequences on the athlete's health. Since a high consumption of beverages with an acidic pH could end up affecting the microbiota, so the pH we have tried to make the drink have a pH as neutral as possible for the maintenance of the microbiota.

How to use:

Dissolve x grams in 500ml of water. It is important to comply with the quantity so that the drink has isotonic characteristics.

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