Life Pro Endurance Cluster Dextrin 600g Neutral

Life Pro Endurance Cluster Dextrin 600g Neutral


Carbohydrates are a fundamental energy substrate and a predictor of sports performance, therefore, they are consumed in large quantities in the diet of athletes. However, the consumption of carbohydrates in the period around training requires a much more specific assessment, seeking to assess good digestion and adequate energy production.

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This product contains cyclodextrin (highly branched cyclic dextrins) under the Cluster Dextrin ® patent.

What is it for?

In sports traditionally called endurance carbohydrates are often used during training as a means of obtaining quick energy during sports.

within the carbohydrates most popular, in recent years the use of cyclodextrins or highly branched cyclic dextrins has acquired an important role.

Cyclodextrin is obtained from the enzymatic degradation of starch, which generates a carbohydrate with improved absorption and reduced gastric emptying. Its gastric emptying similar to water facilitates its passage through the digestive tract and its concentration in the blood, which often means that there are no discomfort in those sensitive to other carbohydrates.

These characteristics allow those athletes who, due to their test, need a continuous supply of carbohydrates, suffer from usual discomfort due to digestion or have some pathology of gastrointestinal origin, becomes one of the priority options for carbohydrate supplementation.

Secondly, in those athletes of other modalities whose training does not belong to resistance modalities, but have very high energy requirements, the use of cyclodextrin can be a smart option to introduce a extra caloric intake in the periods around training.

Finally, we must take into account that the consumption of carbohydrates during exercise is due to different transporters when consumed in large quantities, this means that under medium amounts of carbohydrates, the consumption of a source of glucose such as cyclodextrin is sufficient. However, in those sports where large amounts of carbohydrates (greater than 45/60/g) the combination of cyclodextrin with fructose in a 2:1 ratio may be a good option in order to increase the total amount of carbohydrates during exercise.


  • Facilitation of gastric emptying.
  • Improves digestion compared to other carbohydrates.
  • Ease of incorporation into intra-training periods.
  • Quick energy gain during exercise.

What dose to consume?

Adjust the dose to your daily energy and nutritional needs. However, the consumption of 30 to 90 g of carbohydrates during exercise has been shown to have an ergogenic effect in sports of medium and long duration.

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