Life Pro Endurance Recovery Pro 800g

Life Pro Endurance Recovery Pro 800g


Good recovery is key to sports performance and nutrition plays an essential role in this process., both to repair the damage produced in the tissues and to promote the adaptations to training desired by all athletes.

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This product is composed of a combination of different carbohydrate sources (dextrose, maltodextrin and fructose), whey isolate, creatine and minerals (sodium and potassium chloride).

What is it for?

carbohydrates after exercise They will be used for tissue repair and will allow the replenishment of glycogen stores that have been used during physical activity, both at the muscular and hepatic level, an essential process to perform correctly in the next training sessions and with benefits at other levels as well. We must not forget the energy contribution that is achieved with the intake of carbohydrates, essential for the performance and health of the athlete.

Protein intake after training has two distinct functions. On the one hand, will improve muscle protein synthesis and the Recovery, reducing muscle damage. In this sense, achieving a good supply of essential amino acids, with an adequate leucine content, will maximize this process. Whey isolate is a type of protein that meets the above and has other potential benefits, in addition to being perfectly tolerated by lactose intolerant people and having good intestinal tolerance. On the other hand, when the intake of carbohydrates is not enough, taking them together with protein will improve the replenishment of glycogen stores.

In line with the above, creatine also fulfills the objective of improving the replenishment of glycogen stores, in addition to enhancing muscle protein synthesis. The patented Creapure formula is synonymous with quality, with 99.9% purity, thus adding higher quality to the product.

The contribution of electrolytes will favor the hydration process, always accompanied by a correct consumption of liquid.


  • Improved recovery after an exercise session
  • Easy consumption for when a quick recovery is required
  • Great option between training sessions
  • Formed by raw materials of the best quality

What dose to consume?

Consume 50g of product. It can be dissolved in water or other beverages (milk, vegetable drinks), as well as combined with foods such as yogurt or kefir, among others.

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