Life Pro Healthy Protein Cream White Choco Speculoos 250g

Life Pro Healthy Protein Cream White Choco Speculoos 250g


Protein Speculoos is a delicious cream made with rice protein isolate and caramelized biscuit with hazelnuts that has a delicious caramel flavor.

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What is Life Pro Protein Speculoos?

Enjoy your favorite flavors, with a high protein content. Unlike other hazelnut creams, Life Pro Protein Speculoos stands out for being a high-protein cream, which comes from a source of vegan protein, specifically from rice protein isolate, high quality.

It has a delicious caramel cookie flavor thanks to the addition of real caramelized cookies. In addition, it does not have added sugars or polyalcohols.

It is ideal for all those who wish to enjoy a spreadable cream in your sweet recipes, with a flavor that does not go unnoticed and a creamy texture that is easy to spread.

It is the healthy option, ideal for your breakfasts, snacks or desserts, alone, or together with your favorite recipes: pancakes, crepes, fit waffles, or toast. Life Pro hazelnut cream is ideal for all those who want to take care of their diet and enjoy a sweet taste of a caramelized cookie.

What properties does Life Pro Protein Speculoos have?

  • It is a hazelnut cream with a high protein content. Every 100 grams of hazelnut cream, contains 20 grams of protein.
  • Protein contributes to muscle mass gain, tissue maintenance and repair after training.
  • Its flavor has been achieved thanks to caramelized cookies.
  • Does not contain added sugars or polyalcohols.
  • The source of protein they contain is based on proteinof rice, an excellent source of vegetable origin that makes this delicious cream an option for vegans and vegetarians.
  • Hazelnuts, its main ingredient, is a source of healthy fats for the body.Nuts are an excellent source of energy.
  • hazelnuts contain vegetable fiber, vitamins and mineral salts.
  • Does not contain gluten.
  • Does not contain palm oil.

Who is Protein Speculoos recommended for?

It is recommended and can be suitable for numerous purposes:

  • Anyone who wants to take care of their diet and continue enjoying the flavor of caramelized cookies.
  • People who have the goal of losing fat or who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • People who want to gain muscle mass since its high protein content contributes to protein synthesis.

How to use Protein Speculoos?

Use the cream as an accompaniment in your favorite recipes, such as topping or syrup, included in the preparation of doughs or preparations for pancakes, biscuits, milkshakes, etc., in all those who want to enjoy its delicious and unique flavor of nougat.

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