Lyrapharma Inmunolyra With Vitamin D 60 Vegancaps

Lyrapharma Inmunolyra With Vitamin D 60 Vegancaps


The perfect complement for your innate and adaptive immune system, as well as perfect gastrointestinal health.

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Inmunolyra® with Resistaid® is a food supplement designed to strengthen and improve our immune system and defenses. In addition, it also has a prebiotic effect on our intestines, contributing to the health of our intestinal flora.

INMUNOLYRA® DOSE: 2 capsules per day.


Resistaid® is a patented soluble fiber that helps improve our immune system and the health of our intestinal flora through a triple effect:

  • Helps strengthen our innate immune system, defenses with which we are already born: stimulates the response of various beneficial immune cells, such as the proliferation of macrophages, the increase in white blood cells, the enhancement of natural killer NK cells and the increase in cytokines.
  • Help improve our adaptive Immune System, which we develop as we age. In other words, it reinforces the response of our defenses against an antigen and contributes to increasing specific T cells against pathogens.
  • Lastly, you have a prebiotic effect thanks to the presence of arabinogalactans, which are highly branched polysaccharides that contain bioactive bioflavonoids (polyphenols), which gives them great antioxidant capacity. Arabinogalactans help improve our intestinal barrier and therefore improve our defenses as well as helping the proper functioning of our flora.

    Resistaid® is a patented ingredient with several clinical studies that have shown its effectiveness in activating defenses.

    On the other hand, Vitamin D presents several complementary studies, evaluated and accepted by the EFSA, related to the immune system.


    Strengthening the immune defense is essential for all stages of life:

    • Children and adolescents: main sources of germs.
    • Athletes and Active Adults: As a booster as intense training can stress the immune system and weaken it.
    • Working adults: for situations where the daily stress of work and everyday life can weaken the immune defenses.
    • Older adults: Aging increases the predisposition to infections.

    Resistaid® is indicated for all those who want to strengthen their defenses.

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