Nebbia Dress Supplex 217

Nebbia Dress Supplex 217


Nebbia Dress Supplex 217 It is a dress designed for fitness, with an ultra-elastic material and a design that allows you to perform any type of movement.

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What is Nebbia Dress Supplex 217?

Nebbia Dress Supplex 217 has been made with a very elastic and ultra-resistant fabric. have been used carbon fibers for greater comfort. It has a reflective print to stand out.

For people who do sports and physical activity on a regular basis, dressing appropriately is an aspect that cannot go unnoticed. It is essential to wear appropriate clothing, which provides comfort, be breathable.


  • Material: it has been made by combining very elastic materials that do not limit movement and fit perfectly to your body.
  • 80% polyester, 15% elastane, 5% carbon
  • breathable.
  • Comfortable and ultralight.
  • Designed in two colors: pink and black. It has reflective prints.
  • It has double reinforcement on the chest.

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