Nutrimarket Glutamine 100g Bag

Nutrimarket Glutamine 100g Bag


NutriMarket Glutamine It is the perfect supplement to improve the most important structural qualities of the muscular system, such as its protection, recovery, regeneration and growth, among others.

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What is NutriMarket Glutamine?

NutriMarket Glutamine It is one of the most used products in sports supplementation, and its properties are directed directly at the good muscle function of the most demanding athletes. In fact, it could be said that it is the supplement recuperator par excellence.

The glutamine it contains is a non-essential amino acid, that is, our body is capable of synthesizing it by itself. However, some studies indicate that, after a particularly intense effort, an extra contribution such as NutriMarket Glutamine can improve muscle health.

What is NutriMarket Glutamine used for?

As with virtually any amino acid, the benefits and functions of NutriMarket Glutamine They are varied. In fact, its action depends in part on the context in which the organism is found when it is ingested, since it will not serve the same purpose during a time of fat reduction and weight loss as at a time when the increase is sought. of muscle mass.

The key to knowing when it should be used NutriMarket Glutamine is to go to its most basic properties. These are summarized in three, in a very simplified way: protection, growth and recovery.

The protection refers to the fact that glutamine allows muscle mass remains intact during periods in which the physical demand is high and the diet is restrictive, a scenario in which catabolism could significantly deteriorate muscle tissues. That is why this amino acid is so important.

The growth efforts of NutriMarket Glutamine are essential if you are looking for a volume increase. Its benefits make it easier for the body to enter an anabolic state necessary for the generation of new muscle fibers.

Finally, NutriMarket Glutamine improves the work of repair and regeneration of muscle tissues who have been impacted by particularly intense physical activity. So, the periods of Recovery they are more effective and the athlete needs less time to feel fit again.

In addition to all this, glutamine is beneficial for the digestive system at the intestinal level and strengthens the defenses, improving the functioning of the immune system.

Benefits of NutriMarket Glutamine

  • Provides extra quality glutamine.
  • Protects muscle tissues and keeps them intact.
  • It facilitates the increase in the volume of lean mass.
  • Improves muscle recovery.
  • With benefits for the digestive system.
  • Strengthens defenses.

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