Nutrimarket New Aminopower 300g

Nutrimarket New Aminopower 300g


amino power is a supplement made from a combination of different BCAAS amino acids and Glutamine, with the aim of promoting muscle mass gain and maintenance.

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What is New Aminopower 300g?

Among the large number of existing amino acids, there are certain of them that have specific properties in relation to muscle mass gain and sports performance.

Aminopower 300g It has been designed under an innovative formulation based on L Glutamine and BCAAS. The synergy of these 2 supplements causes the body to enter an anabolic state by which it tends to create and increase muscle mass and recovery.

amino power provides all the benefits of these 4 amino acids. Among the most relevant characteristics of BCAAs and glutamine, we can highlight that they favor the maintenance of muscle mass, help to achieve optimal recovery, postpone or avoid fatigue after training and avoid catabolism or loss of muscle mass.

Especially in sports people, it is of vital importance to reach the daily requirements of protein and amino acids every day. amino power contributes to meeting the requirements comfortably and quickly.

What are the benefits of New Aminopower 300g?

The BCAAs Along with glutamine, they are an ideal ally when it comes to promoting muscle mass gain and its maintenance. For this, the correct anabolic environment is necessary, in the organism. amino power encourages its creation.

They contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass, help prevent the loss of muscle tissue. Unlike other complete protein supplements, isolated amino acids do not require a digestion process. They are rapidly absorbed, allowing them to be taken during workouts without upsetting the stomach.

They are an ally to maintain muscle mass and performance during physical activity because the L Glutamine It has the ability to be transformed into energy.

The raw materials used by Life Pro have been rigorously selected, are of high quality and have the Kyowa patent.

The patented formulation of Aminopower.

The L Glutamine:

  • The glutamine used in New Aminopower has the patentkyouwa
  • They prevent the loss of muscle mass, since it is used as a source of energy, preserving muscle mass.
  • Helps regulate blood glucose levels.
  • It favors the reduction of fatigue and tiredness.
  • Helps maintain performance.


  • They are a set of 3 amino acids, in a 2:1:1 ratio, formed by ña leucine, valine and isoleucine.
  • They favor the creation of muscle mass and its maintenance.
  • They help create the optimal anabolic environment.
  • They favor the recovery of injuries.
  • They do not need to be digested. They do not cause stomach upset.

How to take New Aminopower 300g?

Dissolve 10 g (1 scoop) in water or juice (200 ml – 250 ml). Take 2 times a day, preferably after training and before bedtime.

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