Soy Sauce Shoyu Biocop 1 L

Soy Sauce Shoyu Biocop 1 L


Soy Sauce Shoyu Biocop 1L is the perfect condiment for many types of recipes. It is made with organic ingredients and its composition is very light, ideal for sports or healthy diets. Smooth flavor.

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Composition of Soy Sauce Shoyu Biocop 1L

This product is made up of water, soybeans*, whole wheat*, sea salt, koji.

*From organic farming.

What is it for?

The soy sauce It is one of those ingredients that are imported and that, in a short time, become part of our diet. from the Asian continent, this condiment has been made with a important gap in the pantries of many people for its versatility.

Soy Sauce Shoyu Biocop 1L It is ideal for recipes with very diverse characteristics. Since vegetables to fish, the soy sauce accompanies with an unmistakable touch. Furthermore, the variety shōyu count with one milder taste than the rest, making it perfect for those who just want a light side dish.

Regarding its nutritional qualities, Soy Sauce Shoyu Biocop 1L has a significant amount of proteins, something not very common in the world of sauces. Their 8.03% of protein concentration can be useful for athletes. It is Low in calories and sugars.

As if all this were not enough, both the soy As the whole wheat which mainly make up Soy Sauce Shoyu Biocop 1L come from organic farming. In this way, they ensure, on the one hand, that their natural benefits are preserved intact and, on the other, that it has been environmentally friendly during the extraction process. Take care of your health and consume sustainably with the products biocop.

Benefits of Soy Sauce Shoyu Biocop 1L

  • Organic soy sauce.
  • Ideal to accompany all kinds of recipes.
  • Smooth flavor.
  • Low in calories and sugars.
  • 8% protein.
  • Responsible consumption product.

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