Life Pro Nutrition Wild Train Sample 40g

Life Pro Nutrition Wild Train Sample 40g


Intra-training supplement designed to maintain sports performance. Formulated with essential amino acids, sodium and 2 carbohydrate sources.

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What is WildTrain?

WildTrain is a supplement formulated with different compounds that help optimize and maintain performance during sports.

Wild Train has been specifically designed to be taken during training.

Although they have traditionally been used intra-workout drinks in endurance sports, they also provide multiple benefits in the practice of strength sports.

Especially, when we carry out demanding, demanding or very intense training sessions, if they last more than 1 hour, they can be an ally to maintain performance.

The composition of Wild Train and its properties.

Maltodextrin and cyclodextrin.

Wild Train contains 2 different sources of carbohydrates,

When we train in the gym, carbohydrates are the main source of energy used.

Stored glycogen stores in our muscles and liver are used up. Its replacement through the consumption of carbohydrates will be key for optimal recovery and upcoming performance.

Essential amino acids + cysteine ​​and tyrosine.

Essential amino acids are those that the body cannot synthesize and must be ingested through food or supplementation.

Essential amino acids are essential to carry out protein synthesis and promote muscle growth. In addition, they contribute to the management of fatigue and recovery.

The formulation of essential amino acids plus the addition of cysteine ​​and tyrosine has been directly derived from scientific evidence.


The contribution of electrolytes As the sodium It will favor the hydration process. Electrolytes are eliminated through sweat during sports.It is important to replenish them in proportions in order to maintain the homeostasis of body fluids, which is key to a correct force production.

What are the benefits of Wild Train?

  • Complete and effective formulation.
  • Formulated with quality raw materials.
  • Contributes to the maintenance and improvement of sports performance.
  • Helps postpone and improve fatigue caused by training.
  • It favors the subsequent recovery process.
  • Promotes hydration status and helps replenish lost sodium.


This product is made up of a combination of different carbohydrate sources (maltodextrin and cyclodextrin), sodium, all essential amino acids, and added cysteine ​​and tyrosine.

How to use.

Dissolve 40g in 500ml of water and drink during training.

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