Amix Iso Hd 90 Cfm® Bag 500g

Amix Iso Hd 90 Cfm® Bag 500g


Amix Iso HD 90 CFM Protein is a sports supplement based on high-quality whey protein isolate from Glanbia.

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What is Amix IsoHD 90 CFM Protein?

It has been obtained by CFM or Cross Flow Microfiltration. Thanks to this process, the protein of Amix Iso HD 90 CFM Protein It is of high quality and purity, which facilitates its digestion and rapid absorption in the body.

Amix Iso HD 90 CFM Protein It has been designed in 4 creamy and delicious flavors so you can choose your favourite: double chocolate, double white chocolate, mocha chocolate coffee and milk vanilla.

Its formula has been improved: Amix Iso HD 90 CFM Protein Contains Pepform Triple Matrix, Aminogen and Lactospore. They favor the absorption of protein, its digestion and assimilation in the body.

The composition of Amix IsoHD 90 CFM Protein

Amix IsoHD 90 CFM Protein provides 27 grams of protein per dose. In addition, to further improve its formula, it contains:

  • PepForm Triple-Matrix: a combination of amino acid peptides designed to facilitate their availability in muscle tissue thanks to their high assimilation.
  • aminogen: is a patented combination of enzymes of natural origin specifically designed to make it possible to absorb more protein.
  • LactoSpore: it is a natural component that contains Lactobacillus Sporogenes, a probiotic micro-organism that promotes the growth and maintenance of the intestinal flora in optimal conditions.

What are the benefits of Amix IsoHD 90 CFM Protein?

  • It is fast digesting and assimilating. Does not cause discomfort.
  • It contains practically no fat or carbohydrates in its composition. It is a clean and pure protein source that provides 27 grams of protein per serving.
  • Having been obtained from milk, it is a protein of high biological value. Contains the 9 essential amino acids that our body cannot produce.
  • It also highlights its high concentration of branched amino acids or BCAAs, and of glutamine.
  • Promotes the gain and maintenance of muscle mass.
  • Does not contain aspartame.
  • It has been made with top quality raw material

How to use

Mix 1 dose of a heaped scoop (30 grams) together with water, milk or preferred vegetable drink. Mix and ready to drink.

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